Campus Security

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The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act requires Gratz College to provide students and employees with information on its security policies and procedures and specific statistics for certain criminal incidents, arrests and disciplinary referrals and to make the information and statistics available to prospective students and employees upon request. This information is available in the Annual Security Report or by calling the Office of Information Technology/Campus Security, 215 635-7300 x213.

All colleges are mandated by law (the Clery Act) to report the number of sexual assaults and rapes, as well as other crimes, experienced on their campuses each year in order to track the instances of these crimes, so that colleges may effectively work on prevention and response. For this reason, it is important to report that an incident has occurred. Reporting a rape or sexual assault is confidential – no names of survivors are required.

All faculty, staff and students are strongly urged to report any crimes of which they have knowledge in order to provide accurate statistics and to make sure the campus is safe. The name of a survivor of a sexual assault does not have to be disclosed.  If you have questions on whether you in your role on campus are required to report a sexual assault, call the Title IX officer at Sheila Weeks-Brown at, 215 635-7300 x 158.  

Reporting Emergencies at Gratz College

In the event of an emergency, prompt notification to the Cheltenham Police and one of the designated Campus Security Authority (CSA).

If you or someone you know  needs support contact:

Laurel House of Montgomery County 215 277-1860

Women's Center of Montgomery County (610) 279-1548

Victim Services Center of Montgomery County 1-888-521-0983

WOAR (Women Organized Against Rape): 215-985-3333 

The Cheltenham Township Police Department can be contacted at (215) 885-1600. If you become ill on the campus, please notify the Office of Academic Affairs to escort you to the nearest hospital or to call an ambulance for you.

For more information about crime reporting and emergency response at Gratz College:

Gratz College 2016 Annual Security Report

Gratz College Emergency Operations Plan