New Offerings for the M.A.Ed. Program at Gratz!

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We at Gratz have always been focused on innovation. As a result, we’ve taken some key steps to ensure that the Gratz Master’s of Education program continues to meet the needs of professional educators seeking to advance their careers. We continue to strengthen the Master’s program in Education to enhance academic quality and ensure greater student accessibility through the use of instructional technology.
As a result of the changes we are making, we believe the MAED program enables  teachers to meet their full potential as educators while doing so in formats and delivery systems that make the program both more attractive to students and their supervisors and making achieving the goal of a Master’s degree even more attainable for working professionals.

The Gratz Advantage for the Master’s in Education program includes:

  • A new accelerated, 8 week, online option
  • On- ground courses on Saturdays and Sundays with an online component.
  • Our newly designed enhanced online delivery option means that students have more flexibility to pursue their studies than ever before.
  • New elective course offerings in classroom technology and the multicultural classroom.

To see the Fall 2015 course offerings, click here.

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