A Day of Service for Gratz Volunteers

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This year, Gratz College recognized Martin Luther King Jr. Day by responding to the call for service. On January 18, several members of the Gratz faculty and staff donned weekend work clothes and headed over to neighboring Martin Luther King High School in Philadelphia to support a school beautification project.
At the school, the Gratz representatives joined a group of over 200 other community volunteers. After a motivational pep rally, the volunteers got down to work, replacing the school’s drab walls and doors with a fresh coat of vibrantly colored paint. In addition to painting, the Gratz group helped distribute lunch to the volunteers. The College also donated some of the painting materials.
Improving the learning environment in a neighborhood school is consistent with Gratz’s core commitment to education and community engagement. While at Martin Luther King High School, Gratz volunteers also had the opportunity to spread the message of education at the adult level. They spoke with teachers about the Gratz Master of Arts in Education program and with volunteers from various nonprofits about the Gratz Master of Science in Nonprofit Management.
The Gratz volunteers included Dodi Klimoff, Mindy Blechman, Ann Perazzelli, Dean Rosalie Guzofsky, Len Zimmerman, Dr. Joshua Gutoff, Debbie Aron, Dr. Ruth Sandberg, and Laura Hughes. For them, this fulfilling day of community service was an opportunity both to carry out the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and to support the mission and values of Gratz College.