Top Ten Reasons to Send Your Teen to Gratz JCHS!

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10. JCHS offers a broad and diverse range of courses that is unparalleled in Jewish high school education in the greater Philadelphia region. There is a wonderful blend of academic and experiential classes.

9. JCHS's superb faculty are highly experienced & credentialed. They are masters at connecting your teens to Judaism and helping them reach their highest potential.

8. JCHS' Israel Advocacy programs are unsurpassed, preparing your teen to feel confident in his love and support of Israel.

7. JCHS graduates become leaders in their campuses' Jewish communities.

6. JCHS offers Hebrew instruction at multiple levels.

5. Gratz has a 120-year tradition of preparing Jewish educators. JCHS alumni are successful teachers in Hebrew Schools across North America.

4. Gratz College offers college-level courses through JCHS.  Our graduates have told us that they were allowed to transfer in Gratz college credits they earned while in high school to over 70 colleges and universities.  With the average cost of college tuition at about $3000 for a 3 credit college class, the value of earning college credit through JCHS for a fee of just $295 may translate to significant savings in college tuition!

3. Gratz JCHS offers a variety of outstanding and challenging courses for teens online.

2. The Gratz advantage is more than Jewish education; a transcript from Gratz JCHS is a meaningful advantage when your child applies to a highly selective university.

1. Gratz JCHS provides an unparalleled sense of community for your teen by bringing together like-minded teens from throughout the region. The friendships made at JCHS will last well beyond high school.

All good things are worth reaching for. Gratz College's Jewish Community High School is no exception. Give your teen the best Jewish high school education in the region!

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JCHS is filled with nurturing teachers and enthusiastic students.

Adam Graub