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We are INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce that - in addition to the Rebecca Gratz Teaching Certificate (formerly known as the JCHS Community Teaching Certificate) and the I.M. Wise Reform Teaching Certificate - we will now ALSO offer The Julius Greenstone Conservative Teaching Certificate and The Mordecai Kaplan Reconstructionist Teaching Certificate!

We are proud to be creating new opportunities for all our students and to be modelling the pluralism that has been a part of Gratz College since its founding 120 years ago!

The Rebecca Gratz Teaching Certificate

The Rebecca Gratz Teaching Certificate, our most popular certificate program, is well respected nationally: Students who hold this certificate have been hired at synagogues across North America.  Upon completion of this 52-credit program, you’ll have learned about and experienced all different facets of Jewish culture, language, history, politics, values & ethics, and be able to articulate what Judaism and being Jewish means to you.  With this knowledge in hand, you will take our Introduction to Jewish Education class and find yourself prepared to become an entry-level teacher in a Jewish supplementary school.

JCHS surveyed our alumni and found that more than half of the JCHS graduates who had earned the Rebecca Gratz Teaching Certificate (previously known simply as the Community Teaching Certificate) earned extra money during their college years and beyond by working in religious schools, Jewish youth groups, junior congregations, and Jewish summer camps.

Reform/Reconstructionist/Conservative Movement Teaching Certificates

The I.M. Wise Reform Teaching Certificate
The Julius Greenstone Conservative Teaching Certificate
The Mordecai Kaplan Reconstructionist Teaching Certificate

Download our flier about the three movement teaching certificates here.

For over half a century, Gratz College’s Jewish Community High School has offered the I.M. Wise Reform Teaching Certificate to 11th and 12th graders in collaboration with the Union of Reform Judaism. In light of our legacy as the oldest pluralistic institution of Jewish higher learning in the United States, JCHS now also offers the Julius Greenstone Conservative Teaching Certificate and the Mordecai Kaplan Reconstructionist Teaching Certificate.

You will:

  • Learn the history of the liberal Jewish movements.
  • Explore the key components of YOUR movement's educational philosophy
  • Earn college credit while still in high school
  • Acquire basic teaching skills as a supervised intern in a religious school classroom
  • Become employable in a religious school during college
  • Build a professional portfolio before you graduate from high school


If you wish to earn a movement-related teaching certificate on campus, you will take these classes in 11th and 12th grade.

  • Perspectives on American Judaism (one semester)
  • A bible, Hebrew, or a holiday class (one semester)
  • Introduction to Jewish Education (two semesters*

*Please note that the Education class can be taken for college credit through Gratz Academy 

Concurrent Work or Internship:

You will work in a religious school on a weekly basis for two years.
JCHS will gladly help you arrange to work in a religious school near you.

In addition to earning teaching certificates, junior and seniors may earn college credits through Gratz Academy.


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