Hebrew Language Program

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Hebrew Language Program

The Hebrew Language Program at JCHS enables you to learn the Hebrew language at any level—and to use it in all kinds of contexts. As a proud member of ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language) and according to its recommendation, we teach Hebrew using the “proficiency approach”—which helps you develop your ability to perform all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

While grammar and vocabulary are essential tools, our ultimate goal is to help you communicate in Hebrew in meaningful and appropriate ways. And our experience is that the most effective way to retain a foreign language is by making it relevant and useful. So we especially emphasize conversational Hebrew skills, and we include curriculum units taken from everyday life situations, which students act out in the classroom. 

Students who take Hebrew Language for 5 years in our JCHS program receive a Hebrew Language Certificate.

In addition to expert Hebrew language instruction, our program gives you a strong background in Israeli culture and literature; various members of our faculty specialize in Modern Hebrew literature and biblical studies.  Some students have been able to transfer credit from our program to their high schools for foreign language credit.  And with admission to our Gratz Advance Program, you can take a BA level Hebrew class online for college credit..

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