Gratz College Academy Program for 11th and 12th Graders

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As an academically talented 11th or 12th grade student, you can apply for admission to the Gratz College Academy program. Choose from diverse college courses and take them with Gratz high school friends. These aren’t classes adapted for high schoolers; they use college curricula and mean a lot more when you apply to a highly selective university. And credits can be transferred, with approval from the college or university you decide to attend.
Gratz College BA level classes are offered to JCHS students during JCHS hours on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings.  When teens complete their course selection application, they can select Gratz Academy classes. We’ll follow up with a special program application.

See what colleges and universities students who earned Gratz College credits while in High School have let us know that they were able to transfer in credits to here.

The Value of Earning College Credits while in High School

• You get a taste of what college is like ahead of time—before you take on the added complexities of adapting to a completely new environment.
• You establish relationships with college professors in a relaxed and supportive environment.
• You learn now, in high school, how to manage the challenge of a college course.
• You get a wider choice of classes that interest you.
• Your transcript shows you can handle a more rigorous course load—even if you’re not taking AP or IB classes.
• You accumulate college credits now—which helps you graduate from college on time or even early.

All of our students can request that their Gratz College transcript be sent to colleges in support of college applications. Any student who completes a Gratz College Academy course may request a Gratz College transcript be sent. 

College Transcript Request Form 

To get more information about these procedures, contact the Office of Student Records at or 215-635-7300 ext.156.


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